Booth Seating

Shipping Information

Charges are per seat e.g. a 2 SEATER SOFA = 2x the area charge rate (Area 5 would be 2x $90 = $180)
Prices indicated only apply to 2+ seats.  For 1seat/otto, please contact us for pricing.
Pricing does not apply to BOOTHS.
If there is a location not stated above, please ask us for information.
These charges do not apply to RURAL DELIVERIES, please ask us for information.
These prices might change at any time, without prior notice.
Please see our shipping terms and conditions for further information.

Collaborative environments? Privacy hubs? Your specific needs are the driver in booth design.


Take a look and let’s start the conversation.


Sometimes seating planning calls for straight lines or curved, double-sided or single-sided; some require power and USB outlets. The most important thing aside of quality is adaptability and Avelle will make sure the needs are met.


Let’s look and get your seating sorted.