Our Story

It’s been 35 years.

When you say it out loud it sounds like a life-time, and it has been. In 1985 Princess Diana brought a wee babe named Harry home, the Berlin Wall came crashing down and the Rainbow Warrior was sinking in the Waitemata Harbour.

It was also when we decided to start our own interiors business.

The heady days of the early 80s had us learning our trade in Wellington commercial interiors. Those were the days of very long lunches, working until midnight, talking fast and thinking even faster. All with a brick-shaped cellphone firmly glued to our ears.


Then it stopped as quickly as it began. The stock exchange fell through the floor and so did the numerous office fit-outs we’d been working on.

We knew we had the formula right and the time to do it ourselves had arrived.

Our business was built on the client always coming first.

If they wanted delivery Sunday 9am then that’s what we did.

If they wanted moveable walls, we designed them, built them and shipped them around the country.

If they wanted a sofa in the fabric they saw in a hotel in Rome, then we found that fabric too. Along the way we have built a reputation for constantly boxing above our weight.


We’ve built a client base of loyal companies.  


Some have been with us since the very beginning. Ones we have kept because we work hard for them.  We believe we’re with our clients for the long haul and if you want to see how we work and what we can do for you, call us.

We create efficient work environments.