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Have you done your stretches today?

A Seated Cow stretch will mobilise both the front and the back of your spine.

And here's how you do it.

1. sit slightly forward on your chair and place your hands on your knees

2. exhale, round your back and tuck your chin towards your chest

3. inhale, move your navel forward and lift your heart forward and upwards

4. repeat this motion several times, exhaling back and inhaling forward. Synchronise your breathing with your movement

5. stop when you feel you've had enough, sit upright and take a moment to notice how you feel

Tone and stretch your spinal muscles, and relieve lower back fatigue with this stretch.

1. sit with your feet on the floor

2. inhale and lengthen your spine

3. exhale, turn towards the back of your chair and reach for the backrest. If you dont have one, lower your back hand to the seat

4. press your front hand on your outer thigh. Try to keep your knees aligned.

5. return to centre

6. exhale and repeat on the other side

you might like to repeat this stretch again and hold it for a longer count. Do only what feels comfortable for your back.

Ease your lower back with a Standing Forward Fold - here's how

1. stand hip width apart with your knees bent

2. lengthen from the base of you spine all the way to the crown of your head

3. fold forward hinging from your hips, while maintaining length in your spine

4.release your neck and let your head hang heavy

5. hold your elbows or let your arms hang loose

6. keep the knees bent or gently start to straighten through the back of the legs

with thanks to our awesome chair manufacturer, Buro New Zealand

to purchase your awesome chair click here

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