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The ten best tips for...

Optimal sitting posture

  1. Rest your feet flat on the floor.

  2. Sit with your hips higher than your knees – a gentle forward slope on your thighs.

  3. Balance through both your hips.

  4. Lengthen your spine by imagining stretching your head towards the sky. This will help you find your neutral spine position with your natural curves in the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.

  5. Relax your shoulders.

  6. Take a moment to remember how this optimum spine alignment posture feels.

  7. To maintain your optimum posture you will need to set your desk height and equipment to suit.

  8. Post a note on your computer screen to remind you to maintain your optimum posture through the day.

  9. Ensure you have regular activity breaks and postural variations, always returning to your optimum working posture.

  10. Have an ergonomically sound chair that suits your work function. For recommended chairs click here

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