• Wendy

When that cabin in the woods looks like the best idea.

I think we've all done a fair amount of introspection this year.

We've been drawn to the calming influence of daydreaming, of doodling, of baking yet another Lockdown Loaf but at some point don't we just have to get off the sofa and get running again? Not literally! The last thing I'd ever be bothered doing is breaking a sweat in a pair of trainers but it's more about getting a rocket up the thing called life.

I personally can't think of anything better than cruising the magazine pages for heart-lurchingly beautiful interiors, that recipe which makes the drooling begin the second I start reading it, or sweeping through photos of the magnificent places I've been to these last couple of years.

Travel. Remember that concept?

And you know that mind-wandering trick we all do? We'll you've just witnessed one of mine. In writing.

I'm wanting to focus on well, focus. The re-start of our lives post-Covid, the pushing of the big green button to take us to our best lives. And a ban on the C-word.

So how is it best to tackle this self-improvement?

To be meek and mild and start with small changes or just to grab this entire rubbish year, tip it on it's ear and say to ourselves do it NOW.

Do the whole deal. Be Brave. Be Gutsy. Be Bloody Minded.

So after sitting in my fantasy cottage in the woods, listening to the bear's guttural growl for all these months, I'm off to push a stick up his nose and tell him I'm the boss of me.

Coming with me?

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