These chairs say hello, let’s talk, let’s create, let’s learn. We say, you’re welcome.


When a guest comes to your space, what do your surroundings tell them? Because desk based visitor chairs are part of your personal corporate space, they need to show who you are and what you’re about. Do yours?


We have a range of visitor chairs with a choice of bases and legs, fabrics or leather, swivel or fixed. Each design delivers comfort, allowing lengthy seat time when it’s needed and contemporary looks. All have guarantees between 5 and 10 years.


It’s a room for sombre conversations and on occasion, even celebrations of success. Does your boardroom seating reflect the right image for your company? Let’s review your options.


Should it be a stylish design classic? A generous sized, commanding chair perhaps? Something designed for big and tall users? Or is a recyclable product important to your company’s sustainability ethos? Our range of boardroom and executive seating has a chair to suit a 150kg user, a chair that’s 93% recyclable and with guarantees going up to 10 years. When it’s dignified, executive seating that’s needed, we will deliver.


Comfort always comes top of the wish-list when selecting meeting chairs. So does a design that reflects the mood of the meeting room.


We’ve all been in a meeting that has gone on and on. And on. Sometimes it’s unavoidable but at Avelle we can help make it comfortable, and ensure your environment is conducive to productivity, is success-orientated and a joy to be in. Our meeting chairs keep the users on-task, providing numerous styles with choices in bases, upholstery and finishes.


Our range of New Zealand-made soft seating, couples great design with quality and the very best workmanship. Select from these pieces, or work with us to bring your designs to reality.


All our seating features the very best quality components and frames, and high-density foams. Most come with a 10 year guarantee, independent of fabric or leather. We only work with the very best fabric houses and we know we’ll guide you to the right upholstery for every seating design. Let’s see what we can do.