We make things happen. We’ve taken a rough drawing and turned it into moveable walls for a major Bank. We’ve taken a verbal brief and supplied customised soft seating. And did it within a week. We’ve supplied one single chair and turned it into a nationwide contract for thousands. And we’ve counted every stick of furniture on over 200 floors in two cities for one client. Some call it magic, we call it doing our job.


We bring concepts and ideas to fruition and it’s done on time and on budget. And the project is completed with ease. Not all projects have money in the budget for specialised design services. And we can help with that too.
Not all projects can have new furniture. So, whether it be for sustainability targets or financial targets, we can work within a set financial framework and achieve what you want.

Furniture Asset Management

Do you know how much money you have invested in your furniture? Do you know when the warranties expire? When the expected life of each furniture item starts to decline and starts costing you? Is it worth buying all new furniture for that fitout? Or could you reuse some of your existing?

We know these things.
With an Avelle FAM Audit, we’ll give you all those answers and more. Call us and tell us what you need.

Sourcing, Colours and Finishes

We work alongside talented designers and architects, but we also know not every budget allows for this. We’ve solved many a business’s problems and brought designer and architectural ideas from paper to reality.

We offer colours, finishes and mood boards for those clients choosing to work without a specialised Design and Architectural practice. And often, this can be done at no extra charge.

Refurbishment, Repairs and Maintenance

In tandem with our Furniture Asset Management service, we offer a variety of repair, refurbishment and maintenance programmes on task seating, soft seating, workstations and desking.

So, if you have 100 workstations needing a facelift or a few chairs that have seen better days, call us and we’ll tell you how we can help turn ugly into beautiful.